FOR the first time in more than four decades people have travelled to Corwen on the railway line from Llangollen.

And although they did not make the entire journey aboard a train, the intrepid travellers were hopeful they would be able to do so in the near future.

Llangollen Railway Trust is planning to restore the line, which last ran in 1964, between Carrog and Corwen.

And to give rail buffs a flavour of what the trip from Llangollen will eventually be like, visitors to the trust’s three-day spring steam gala over the weekend were able to board a special train bound for Corwen – although they had to complete the final two and a half miles by walking along the trackbed.

The 11am departure from Llangollen carried a Corwen Express headboard and was headed by two locomotives, British Railways Standard Class 4 tank engine No 80072 and visiting guest engine LMS Stanier Mogul No 42968, which made an express non-stop run.

On arrival at Carrog about 45 passengers set off on a guided walk along the disused trackbed to reach the proposed station site at Corwen.

They reached the current rail head west of Carrog station by using the footpath from Carrog river bridge.

Some walked back and others took the bus to Llangollen. There was also great interest from visitors in the LMS Patriot Project, which is building a new Patriot class locomotive to be numbered 45551 and named The Unknown Warrior at the Llangollen Railway Works.

Railway spokesman George Jones said the gala saw six engines steaming along the track attracted hundreds of enthusiasts from all parts of the UK.

He added: “There was a good turnout and all the steam trains ran as planned.”