A VETERAN councillor fears a 13-year-old court injunction could see him jailed for setting foot in County Hall.

An injunction was taken out against Saltney councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun in 1997 by waste company AD Waste.

The injunction means he cannot go anywhere near the company.

Now the council, which runs the company, wants to move AD Waste into County Hall and Cllr Armstrong-Braun said he would be breaching the terms of his injunction if he went in to the building, where most county council meetings are held.

He said: “If I break the injunction then I would be jailed for contempt of court.

“This is going to affect my job as a councillor - I won’t be able to carry out my job properly.”

Cllr Armstrong-Braun was made the subject of the injunction after he was repeatedly caught “spying” on the company’s operations at Brookhill Quarry in Buckley.

The former Green party representative claimed AD Waste were “unlawfully killing” great crested newts at the quarry.

The injunction was issued after he was found at the site several times during the day and night.

He has now asked the council’s head of legal services Barry Davies if the council will go to the High Court to get the injunction lifted.

A council spokesman said: “A transfer process has not yet been completed. AD Waste is still in existence so the council has no jurisdiction on the matter.”