ONE woman who knows a thing or two about the pressure cooker atmosphere of election campaigns is Glenys Kinnock.

Baroness Kinnock, a Foreign Office minister and wife of ex-Labour leader Neil Kinnock, spoke to the Leader during a visit to Mold on Friday.

She praised the people of North Wales for their support of developing countries.

She told members of the area’s Justice and Peace Group at Parkfields Community Centre: “We have to do more and show our solidarity with these people.”

“Even though we are talking about cutting back on public spending, we must never cut back on finance for overseas development.”

Aid to developing countries has doubled since 1997 under Labour in spite of the recession, the former Holyhead High School pupil said.

She added: “The people of Wales contribute hugely to appeals, it is not always the richest areas that give the most.”

David Hanson, Labour’s candidate in Delyn, accompanied Baroness Kinnock on her visit to Mold as the pair launched the North Wales Charter which sets out their party’s pledges for the future of the region.

Mrs Kinnock said: “I know that people still feel as though there is a north-south divide, and we will continue to address that through positive engagement in our communities.”