RESIDENTS are up in arms over council plans to build flats on a car park they say is in “constant” use.

People living in Rhos are upset by proposals to build a three-storey block of half a dozen two-bedroom flats and a two storey block of two single bedroom flats with parking for 10 vehicles on an existing car park on Jones Street.

A Facebook group, which has nearly 200 members already, has been set up to protest against the plans.

Resident Ann Jones said: “This is crazy many of the houses are town houses and have no land and this is the only place available to them.

“This car park is in constant use because as resident leave in the morning to go to work visitors and shopper move in.”

Concerns have been raised that visitors to the nearby Stiwt Theatre will struggle to find parking spaces:

Eirian Jones, who works at the Stiwt, said: “It’s a disgrace.

“Parking is at a premium in Rhos and the theatre holds an audience of 450.

“This car park helps us accommodate that audience. Losing it will have a knock-on effect on all other parking areas. The Stiwt will support this campaign to block this development.”

Campaign leader David Jones said numerous local businesses were also opposing the proposals.

Residents have a deadline of April 28 to register their objections to the scheme.
Wrexham Council chief planning officer Lawrence Isted said: “With all planning applications the public are notified and encouraged to make representations on the planning merits or otherwise.

“Their views will be taken into account in preparing a recommendation and if their views are contrary to the planning recommendation, will be reported to the planning committee and given full consideration by the elected members.”