A MOTHER has warned parents to ensure their children do not use the party drug miaow miaow.

The mum from Brynteg was devastated to discover her teenage child was regularly taking mephedrone and claimed the area was “absolutely rife” with the designer drug also known as Mcat or miaow miaow.

She said she managed to stop her child taking the drug after showing material from the internet detailing the disturbing effects of addiction.

The party drug was banned last Friday with the police making their first arrest just hours later but the mother said: “I started noticing signs like dilated pupils, grinding of teeth, being very talkative and hyper-active.

“They were staying out late at night and then coming home and sleeping for up to four days.

“I didn’t know much about the stuff but I read up on it on the internet and printed it all out for my teenager and made them read it.

“I think my child had taken it two or three times to keep awake while out dancing and with a big group of mates.

“I think reading all the information I got about it was enough to stop them using it again.

“Hopefully, that will now be the last of it.”

“I was lucky but I think other parents should be on their guard and keep a close eye out for the signs like I did.

“Mcat is absolutely rife in the Brynteg area, and it’s not just teenagers who are using it – people in their thirties are doing it as well.

“As far as I am concerned it is dangerous stuff and every bit as addictive as cocaine or speed.”

The mother said that given her personal experience she was “very glad” the drug had just been made illegal but feared it would now go underground.

Details of the drug arrest last Friday were revealed by Insp Paul Jones who is in charge of policing Wrexham North.

He said: “Brynteg is no worse than anywhere else for mephedrone. However, it is a worry and clearly something we need to tackle.”

He said police made an arrest for possession after a person was found with a small bag of mephedrone.

“Mephedrone is a welcome addition to the banned substance list and now that it is illegal we can tackle it more effectively.”