AN angry Wrexham mum says she and her young son have started to play a bizarre game of hopscotch to avoid piles of dog-dirt on their way to school.

Caroline Wheeler claims there is so much of the horrible mess on the pathway near to Acton Infants School that she has made a game out of dodging it for four-year-old Dylan.

But she is actually so disgusted with running the gauntlet of filth that she is considering keeping the tot off school unless something is done to clear it away.

Mrs Wheeler, of Herbert Jennings Avenue, Wrexham, said: “I am absolutely fed up with all the mess in Grange Close.

“You can hardly put a foot down with risking standing in something.

“To make things a bit lighter for Dylan I’ve now made up a game where we jump over the piles of dirt – it’s sort of like dodge-the-poo hopscotch.

“But actually there is nothing funny about all this.

“As most people now know, children especially can pick up some nasty illnesses from touching dog-dirt and in some cases can even go blind.”

She added: “I am very worried that children in school now have something called carpet time where they squat down on the floor and play games.

“This puts them at greater risk of coming into contact with whatever they have stepped in.

“I’ve complained to the council about this on a number of occasions but nothing is done.

“If they keep on ignoring me I am seriously thinking of keeping Dylan off school until the mess is cleaned up.

“This morning he had an upset stomach and I am sure it is something to do with him coming into contact with the dirt outside.

“What’s probably needed is a CCTV system so the people who let their dogs do their mess on the pathway can be filmed and prosecuted.”

Andy Lewis, Wrexham Council’s chief housing and public protection officer, said: “Officers have been made aware of the situation and will be visiting the site as soon as possible.

“Anyone with concerns about dog fouling should contact the Pride in Your Streets number 01978 292289.

“Dog fouling is an offence and the individual in charge of the dog can be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £1000.

“In many cases the individual is given the option of paying a fixed penalty currently set at £75.”