A MOTHER took a lethal cocktail of heroin and methadone before she died, an inquest was told.

Sian Roberts, 36, of High Street, Connah’s Quay had battled a drink and drug addiction from a young age and had undergone several detox programmes to help her.

However, the unemployed mum-of-one died of an overdose in November last year, the hearing at Flint Magistrates Court was told.

A statement from Roger Hewitt, her partner of 15 years with whom she shared a flat, said: “I knew that she was involved in drugs, especially crack cocaine.

“She also used to drink alcohol heavily all the time.

“I went to prison two years ago and she let herself go.

“She was drinking vodka and vomiting all the time.

“She was also on methadone and other things. She suffered from a bad chest a lot of the time. I suspect that her so-called friends were calling her and giving heroin to her.

“She would deny it but I was convinced she was taking it.”

Ms Roberts, an asthma sufferer, felt breathless on the evening before her death.

Mr Hewitt said: “That evening she went to bed before me.

“I went to bed about midnight. She told me she loved me and said goodnight.

“I woke up and I was really cold even under the covers.

“Sian was grey in colour and very cold so I called an ambulance.

“That’s when the paramedics came and told me she was dead.”

Police searching the couple’s flat found brown bottles of tablets and an amount of prescription methadone.

Ms Robert died of infective exacerbation of asthma due to methadone use.

Toxicology results showed that she had 0.5mg of methadone in her system when the fatal amount is 0.4mg.

There was also heroin in her system.

Recording a verdict of abuse of drugs, North East Wales coroner John Hughes said: “This was a woman who had a long fight against the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

“She was on a dose of methadone that was prescribed by her doctor and there was clear evidence she was taking drugs on top of that.

“The combination of these two has brought about her death.”