A SOUTHSEA woman has had her home ransacked by burglars who even took her kitchen sink and skirting boards.

The long list of items which Natalie Edwards, of Hywelfa, says were taken from the property in a series of burglaries also included furniture, worktops, carpets, underlay and electrical items. The police are now investigating after Ms Edwards reported the burglaries.

The bizarre mystery began earlier this year when Ms Edwards returned home after spending time at her sister’s house in Ellesmere Port.

She found laminate flooring had been removed from the living room and was stacked up outside the house as if ready to be taken away.

The second incident took place as Ms Edwards was helping to look after her mother, who lives in Cefnybedd. It transpired that items, including a chest of drawers and beds, were taken.

Natalie said: “The third time it happened was around the beginning of April. By then I wasn’t living in the house because I was so scared by the break-ins. I went round because I wanted to pick up some personal items.

“I found the property had been burgled yet again. They had even taken stuff like taps out of the bath. There were clothes and possessions strewn all around the place.

“I feel dreadful, almost numb. It is as if someone has walked in here and just tried to take my life. And when you think things can’t possibly get any worse they suddenly do.”

A spokesman for North Wales Police said the force was investigating the series of reported break-ins.