FRESH from his appearance on the first-ever televised leaders debate David Cameron visited Prestatyns to launch the Welsh Conservative Party’s manifesto.

Mr Cameron joined Vale of Clwyd Conservative election candidate for the Vale of Clwyd Matt Wright, Clwyd West candidate David Jones and other local Conservative members at The Scala Cinema and Arts Centre.

The leader, who the previous evening had appeared on a prime-time ITV debate alongside Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown, said: "It’s great to be here in Wales.”

In a rallying call to the assembled 120-strong crowd packed into The Scala’s Studio 2 cinema, Mr Cameron said: “We’re less than three weeks away from the most important general election for a generation.

“Voters want some boldness – some courage. Some hope of real change. They’re longing to hear something positive, something specific, something that will actually make a difference to their lives.

“That’s what this manifesto is all about.

His ‘Invitation’ as he called the manifesto, was designed to devolve power and give people control, as part of the Conservative party’s ”era-changing” plans, he described as revolutionary compared with the “desperate plans of a last ditch Government with nothing left to say.”

He said the manifesto was a grenade to that would “blast” away the idea of big Government and promised to give every young person with a business idea the power to start up and take people on, to do well for themselves and help get the economy moving.

“It’s an invitation to charities and social enterprises and community groups: we'll give you the power to get involved in running public services and help solve our social problems.

“It’s an invitation to every taxpayer: we’ll give you the power to scrutinise what government spends and how it spends it so there is no more hiding place for waste and inefficiency.”

His rallying call received an enthusiastic answer from audience member, Liz Culshaw, Clwyd West Conservative Association President, who gave her assessment of his television debate debut.

“I watched the debate and saw Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg gang up against you,” she said, offering her party leader advice.

“I think you should start fighting back at Nick Clegg as well.”

Mr Cameron replied: “What are you doing next Thursday,” ahead of his second television debate appearance.

When quizzed on whether ‘people power’ could work in practice with the example given of The Scala’s decade-long planning-stage Mr Cameron said he wanted to aid the frustration of people:

“We believe the cynics are wrong and we want to give people the opportunity to do more.”

Vale of Clwyd Conservative Party candidate Matt Wright, described David Cameron’s visit as “extremely exciting” for the Vale of Clwyd but mentioned he had visited Rhyl as part of an earlier tour.

He added: “The welcome in Prestatyn here today was great.”