A MAN ripped a bedroom door off its hinges and threw it at his mother, a court was told.

Butch Nathaniel Edwards, 19, of Glan Gors, Wrexham, accepted that the door hit his mother Michelle Edwards as it fell but in his basis of plea said he punched it so it fell off its hinges.

Magistrates adjourned the case for the probation service to prepare a report for sentence.

They said sentence would not be affected by the different accounts of the story.
Matthew Ellis, prosecuting said: “The defendant had been out socialising and returned home angry because he had not been allowed into a nightclub.

“He ripped the bedroom door off its hinges and threw it at his mother, striking her right eye.

“When she went to pick it up he slammed it on the floor.

“He grabbed her by the wrists, pushing her on the sofa.”

Tony Newnes, defending, said Edwards denied grabbing his mother’s wrists.

Giving Edwards’ version of events, Mr Newnes said Mrs Edwards had gone to live with her son and it was causing tension.

On the day of the offence, Edwards and his girlfriend were due to stay in a hotel, but they were unable to do so because his girlfriend was ill.

Edwards instead went on a night out and returned home to phone his girlfriend, the court was told.

Mr Newnes added: “He told his girlfriend that he had seen some of her relatives out and his mum was angry because he had not told her this.

“The argument escalated and he punched the door because of his anger management issue and kicked it off the hinges.

“His mother has now found alternative accommodation.”

Edwards admitted a charge of assaulting Michelle Edwards by beating on March 5.

He will appear back before Wrexham magistrates on May 7 and was granted bail on condition he does not contact his mother.