SISTERS who were christened on the same day are teaming up for another special occasion – a joint wedding.

Ashleigh Adams, 23, and sister Zara, 22, from Holywell, will say their vows in a double wedding ceremony today.

The girls will be joined by 60 guests for the service at Holiday Inn Chester West on the A55.

Nursery nurse Zara, who will marry Philip Williams, 23, said the idea of a double wedding started as a joke.

She said: “Ashleigh was getting married first and I went along with her to see the venue, but when we were there I really liked it too. I joked that we should have a double wedding and it just escalated from there.”

The couple, who have been engaged for four years, have daughters Leah, two, and Charley, one.

Although the girls share the same big day, their taste in wedding gowns could not be more different.

Zara said: “We’ve got completely different tastes.

“Mine flows right out at the bottom but Ashleigh’s falls straight down.”

Ashleigh, who will wed Alex Warren, 25, said she was relieved to have someone to share her nerves with.

The second-year student nurse at Glyndwr University said: “I think it helps that there are two of us going through the same thing. We will not be on our own when we walk down the aisle.”

The family affair does not end there.

Zara first met Philip after his brother Tony started dating Zara and Ashleigh’s younger sister Lindsey.

Mum Anita, 42, said she could not be more proud of her girls.

She said: “They were christened on the same day and now they’re getting married on the same day..”

Ann Gray, wedding co-ordinator at the Holiday Inn, said: “The oldest couple will be making their vows first.

“This is the first double wedding we have ever put on and now we have another lined up for later this year.”