DOCUMENTS including medical records and bank statements have been found strewn across a car park on Deeside Industrial Estate.

Concerned worker Anwen Pugh-Jones handed the papers to the Leader when she found them blowing across a car park in Zone Two.

Among the documents was a Countess of Chester hospital pathology request.

Ms Pugh-Jones, 37, who works on the industrial estate, said she finds dozens of discarded papers in the area every day.

She said: “I always pick them up, but when I saw an NHS one I thought ‘I can’t believe I have just found that’.

“It even says what medication this patient is on. I certainly wouldn’t want my details being blown across a car park like that.”

The hospital form includes the name, address and date of birth of the female patient as well as her NHS number, date of her appointment, details of her medication and the type of test she requires.

A credit card statement including a customer’s name, address, account number and balance was also found.

Ms Pugh-Jones, who lives in New Brighton, said: “It’s not fair on the customers. I feel very strongly about this because this is confidential information and people could have their identities stolen.”

Gordon Anderson, managing director of the Paperback Recycling plant which is based next to the car park where the papers were found, said the company had strict protocols in place to ensure material did not escape from the factory.

He said: “I can’t say categorically one way or another whether this was us. I am not aware of this being a problem as all our material is stored inside. I can’t see that it is us because we don’t have a problem with wind scatter materials.

“If it was proven to be us it then it is probably an isolated incident because we take great steps to contain the material that we process here and I think we are pretty successful in doing that.”

The Countess of Chester Hospital was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.