A MAN who lost everything in a house fire has been let down by Flintshire Council, according to his family.

Ryan Till, 27, lost all his possessions when fire ripped through the council-owned bungalow where he lived in Deva Avenue, Holywell, in the early hours of Monday morning.

After spending two nights in bed and breakfast accommodation Mr Till has now been told by housing officers he must move into an unfurnished flat in Strand Close while his home is repaired.

His sister Karla Evans said her brother, who is unemployed, could not afford to furnish the flat.

She told the Leader: “He has got nothing. Everything was burnt in the fire and now the council are expecting him to sleep on the floor.

“They have told him to ask family and friends for furniture, but we don’t have spare beds or anything.

“They want to put him in this flat as a temporary measure while the bungalow is being repaired, but the roof has even gone in at the back so it’s going to take for ever.

“Ryan hasn’t got any money, I’m having to give him food and now they are expecting him to find furniture from somewhere.”

The blaze started in the living room of the property when Mr Till accidentally placed a duvet on top of a candle.

He was sleeping on a mattress in his bedroom and firefighters have said had he been sleeping on a proper bed the smoke would have killed him.

Karla added: “He was lucky to get out alive. He woke up and all he could see was flames coming through the door.

“The room just filled with smoke and he had to jump out of the window.”

The property, which has now been boarded up, was targeted by looters following the blaze.

Karla added: “He can’t even get back in now to see if he can save anything. All he wanted was some photos of our mum who has passed away.”

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: “The tenant is currently in bed and breakfast accomodation, however housing officers met with him yesterday and were able to offer him temporary accommodation from the beginning of next week whilst the damaged property is repaired.

“Officers also advised the tenant as to where he can obtain furniture and other household items to replace those lost in the fire.”