A MEMORIAL honouring a village’s war heroes is being ravaged by repeated vandal attacks.

Over the past few months, yobs have mounted a series of raids on the war memorial in Plas Kynaston Lane, Cefn Mawr.

Cefn Mawr Community Council clerk Rhona Roberts said until this week the damage had mainly been concentrated on a staircase in the garden at the side of the memorial, with stone steps being chipped away and broken.

But last Thursday night the attacks took a new turn when a heavy stone plinth on top of one of the ornamental brick pillars behind the memorial was lifted out of place and smashed on the ground.

Mrs Roberts said: “At the start of last month, we had to pay out £190 to repair the damage that had been done on the staircase.

“Now, after the latest incident when the plinth was removed and broken, we will have to get new estimates for repairs.

“But putting right something like this is not going to be cheap.”

She added: “We think the damage must have been done late on Thursday evening, as one of the neighbours told us they thought they had heard something going on at about 10.30pm.

“When one of our staff went out next morning, he saw what had been done.

“We keep on reporting the attacks to the police.”

Community council chairman Ken Bathers said: “We are extremely concerned about the continued vandalism that is occurring around the war memorial.

“This is a very special place that should be respected.

“The memorial is to honour those who gave their lives fighting for our country.”

He added: “I urge members of the community to report any vandalism they observe to the police.

“I hope the culprits can be caught because the expensive repairs are a drain on the council’s finances.”

A North Wales Police spokesman said officers were working alongside the council to investigate.