A MAGISTRATE told a teenage thief he had one last chance before he would end up in prison.

Nathan Lee Scott appeared before Wrexham magistrates court and admitted stealing a crate of Stella Artois, for obstructing a police officer and for failing to attend two probation appointments.

By committing the offences the 18-year-old was in breach of a 12-month community order imposed by magistrates in January for common assault and racially aggravated public disorder.

Scott, of Archer’s Way, Wrexham, was given the order earlier this year for throwing a snowball in the face of a shopkeeper at Deniz Continental Food Store, also known as Smithfield Newsagents, in Caia Park on January 6. He also called the Turkish shopkeeper racist names.

Justin Espie, prosecuting for the latest offences said: “On March 7 he entered the Co-op in Rhos, selected a crate of alcohol and left without payment.”

The other offence of obstructing a police officer happened on March 17.
Mr Espie said PC Andy Turvey was chasing a man wanted on a warrant and Scott was helping the man to run away. He added: “The defendant was telling the male where to run away.”

The final offence was failing to attend probation appointments in relation to the community order on February 3 and March 17.

Melissa Griffiths, defending, said Scott was in the company of other friends “who formed the idea” to steal the alcohol.

She said in relation to obstructing PC Turvey, Scott did not realise he was committing an offence by helping his friend get away.

Magistrates chairman Lady Sally Kenyon told Scott: “You are in a lot of trouble. You have behaved badly and willfully refused to comply with the probation orders.

“If you continue to behave this way you’re going to end up in custody. You’re 18. You have got to take responsibility for yourself.

“This is your last chance to accept it.”

Scott was made the subject of a new community order for 12 months with a three-month curfew requirement between 6pm and 6am. He was also told to take part in a 30-day education, training and employment scheme.

For the theft from the Co-op Scott was fined £50, with £15 compensation and a victim surcharge of £15.

For the police obstruction he was fined £65.