A DOG owner says she has been left with huge vets bills after her pet was hit by a car.

Tracey Wells from Mold was walking Lily, her Yorkshire terrier, in Flint on Saturday when the little dog was run over by a car turning a corner.

The eight-year-old dog was left with severe injuries and had to have her front leg and shoulder amputated – at a cost of £600.

Tracey, 44, said: “The woman who was driving the car stopped and got out and told me she would meet me at the vets, but she failed to turn up.

“I can’t believe someone would do such a thing after seeing how seriously hurt Lily was.

“She had to have the whole limb amputated and could have bled to death and is now in a lot of pain.”
o make matters worse, Tracey was unable to get financial help with the bill for the veterinary treatment because the incident happened on a bank holiday.

She added: “I spoke to the PDSA to see if they could help with the cost, but they said they were unable to do anything until the next working day, which was the Tuesday.

“I had no choice but to go ahead with the operation and pay for it, otherwise, Lily would have died.

“I have only had her for about a year – I took her in because her previous owners didn’t want her and she is such a lovely dog.

“She used to love running around in the garden and going for walks but she can’t do that now. She really is a pitiful sight to see at the moment.

“The person responsible should be ashamed on themselves for failing to help after what they did to her.”