A 100-year-old Flintshire man made great strides for his birthday celebrations.

Frank Jenn completed a 100-yard dash at Holywell Golf Club to raise money for charity.

Son Michael said his father wanted a quirky way to mark his 100th year.

“I joked with him that he should do something for someone else instead of sitting down all the time,” he said.

“We thought about it and came up with the idea of a sponsored walk because you wouldn’t expect an older person to do something like that.

“We wanted something to drive him on so my brother stood at the finishing line with a pint.”

Frank underwent rigorous training to prepare him for the challenge.

“I have had to go into training for this walk,” he writes on his JustGiving fundraising page.

“Regular trips from a car to my dining table at the wonderful Holywell Golf Club.

"It's been tough but the thought of the friendly welcome, a good meal and great views has driven me on.”

The walk raised more than £900 for the RNLI, a cause close to Frank’s heart.

“I have always been touched by the stories of their courage and fortitude,” said Frank.

“It is good to do something for others and who better than the lifeboatmen who go out in the worst of weathers to help the distressed and endangered?”

Michael added: “He just admires their bravery and self-sacrifice. He thinks of what they go through and really appreciates it.”

Frank moved from London to Flintshire in 1979 where he worked as an auditor for an accounting firm.

Now he lives at Ocean View Estate, Carmel with wife Marjorie, 88. And the secret to his old age?

“He is always joking,” says Michael. “He says things like ‘don’t worry, let the wife do it for you’.

“That’s one of the things you will find out about him. He is known for telling stories.”

See www.justgiving.com/ Frank-Jenn to donate to Frank’s fund.