AN APPEAL is being made for the owner of a pony, which narrowly avoided being involved in a road accident while wandering alone, to come forward.

The horse sanctuary and rehabilitation centre HACK is currently looking after the colt, believed to be around two to three years old.

He was discovered on Tuesday by Jane Lloyd, a volunteer at HACK, when she was feeding the horses staying at the centre in Bradley.

“I became aware that there was something going on in a neighbouring lane so I went to take a look and there he was,” said Jane.

“Passing traffic was carefully driving around him and there was a member of the public who said that she had been trying to catch him for 30 minutes.”

Successful efforts were made to manoeuvre the pony to the HACK yard and from there get him into a stable.

Jane thinks that he has not had a great deal of contact with humans. However, after some initial difficulty she was able to get a head collar on him.

“He didn’t try to kick me in any way and obviously has a very sweet nature," she said.

“I have no idea where he has come from. It is possible he escaped from a field somewhere in the area.

“We have informed the local authority’s animal welfare department and the police."

The lost Welsh mountain pony is brown in colour with a white star on his forehead.

HACK has found lice on his body, an eye has a burst blood vessel and his feet are in need of trimming.

Pamela Bluck, founder of the HACK sanctuary, has spent more than 40 years in horse rescue and rehabilitation.

She said: “Unfortunately every year hundreds of these little ponies flood the market. They are of little monetary value.

“It is a huge welfare issue that needs to be addressed. But I have got no answer to it.

“HACK is overwhelmed with calls for help and we have horses waiting to come in.

“It takes a great deal of funding to provide all the necessary facilities and care that is needed in horse welfare.”

Jane added that they would like to hear from the pony’s owner, or anyone who may know who the owner is.

They can get in contact with HACK by telephoning 01244 571524.