BUSINESSWOMAN Stephanie Booth has defended herself against a barrage of criticism over her scheme to move Llangollen into Wrexham.

If a planning application by Vivod Holdings to build a superstore on Cilmedw Farm is passed, Mrs Booth said the Llangollen Chamber of Trade and Tourism would be ready to ask the electoral society to change the town’s county council.

The idea would then be to ask Wrexham to revoke the supermarket plans. Mrs Booth is chairwoman of the chamber.

The revelation has sparked a storm of criticism, with many readers logging on to our website to register their disagreement with Mrs Booth and accusing her of arrogance.

However she has hit back, saying an overwhelming majority of people in the town have voiced their opinion against the supermarket.

She said: “This is not about me, it is what about the residents of the town want. That is democracy a work.”

Mrs Booth stressed that if a referendum over Llangollen moving into Wrexham and away from Denbighshire took place it would be decided by the will of the people, not one individual.

Among the comments which have been posted on the Leaderlive website, mfm103.4 said: “Llangollen Chamber of Trade and Tourism – get a grip, you don’t represent the residents of Llangollen.

"A new supermarket in Llangollen would be great. I know of many family and friends who support a supermarket.

"I think you might find you are in for a shock when you have little support from the residents.”

Y Ddraig Goch said: “It is a case of spitting out the dummy. I was resident in Llangollen for 18 years and I know many people who are supporting the supermarket.”

Scattycat said: “As a Wrexham resident I would like to say that I am amazed at the arrogance of Mrs Booth.”