AN ANIMAL rescue centre in Flintshire has been inundated with abandoned pets and is desperately seeking homes for dozens of cats, dogs and ferrets.

Volunteers at Padeswood-based Capricorn Animal Rescue are desperately seeking homes for the animals which the centre has taken in during the past few weeks.

Centre founder Sheila Stewart said: “We received a frantic telephone call a few weeks ago from a chap whose father had been taken to hospital.

“He had been left to look after his pet ferrets and because his father was going to need ongoing care when he returned home, we were asked to take them.”

But Mrs Stewart said when rescue workers arrived at the house to collect the ferrets, they found them in a filthy state.

She added: “We were asked to take in 11 ferrets, six male and five female, all around one year old, but when we arrived we found that there were actually 13, all needing to be taken into care.

“They were dirty and stinking and quite a few of them will need treatment for nasty bite wounds.

“Every single one of them will need to be neutered before being rehomed.”
As well as the ferrets, three traumatised dogs have found safety at Capricorn, including Bob the lurcher who was about to be killed by his owner who no longer wanted him.

Mrs Stewart said: “A car pulled up at our gate and a man said that he had rescued the dog from someone in Warrington, who was going to kill him as he was unwanted.

“He is in a bad state – his skin condition is extremely poor due to malnutrition and dirty living quarters.

“He has many wounds, probably from bites, and it will be at least three weeks before he shows signs of recovery.

“He is an older dog, but so loving and gentle.”

Volunteers are also caring for a Jack Russell cross called Patti, who was picked up by Flintshire’s dog warden.

She is undergoing treatment for injuries at the Grange Veterinary Hospital in Mold, but Mrs Stewart says she will be ready for a new home in a few weeks.

Anybody who can offer a home to any of the animals is asked to Capricorn on 01244 547938.