WREXHAM Council raked in more than £22,000 from the fixed penalties it issued last year for litter dropping and people allowing their dogs to foul the streets.

Latest figures from the Welsh Assembly reveal that during 2008/09 the authority handed out 237 penalties for littering.

Of these, 202 were paid, two people were taken to court for non-payment and there was no further action taken in 33 cases.

This brought a total of £15,150 in to council coffers.

During the same period 129 fixed penalties were issued for dog fouling, of which 101 were paid, two people ended up in court for non-payment and 26 cases resulted in no further action. Revenue to the council was £7,575.

All the fixed penalties issued raised a total of £22,725.

The previous year, 2007/08, the comparative figure was £24,675 when a total of 654 fixed penalties were sent out.

Wales’ Minister for Environment, Housing and Sustainability, Jane Davidson, said: “By continuing to battle against environmental crime such as littering, dog fouling and graffiti, local authorities are making a real difference to communities.”

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