A SENIOR policeman is warning of the dangers of controversial drug mephedrone after a suspected stash was seized in a raid in Flintshire.

David Roome, district inspector for north Flintshire said the drug, known as miaow miaow or M-Cat should never be taken.

He issued the stark warning after a substance believed to be mephedrone was seized from a property in Flint.

Insp Roome said: “The substance has been sent off for analysis.

“There were a number of other items seized from the address and we are still conducting enquiries.

“Sadly if it is not illegal to possess it you cannot be charged with anything. You can possess anything, even flour, but if you think you’re in possession of something more dangerous, you can be charged with attempted possession of a drug.

“Anyone found in possession of it will still be arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.”

The inspector said a series of deaths recently linked to the use of the drug raised ‘serious concerns’.

He added: “Flintshire, like many other areas in the UK, will not be immune to mephedrone, especially when it is still legal.

“We would urge people to look after themselves and their health and think very carefully about what choices they make.”

Now Insp Roome is calling for a government ban.

He added: “It is a decision for government but some sort of action needs to be taken here.

“Any moves to underline the dangers and make it illegal are a positive thing.”

Dozens of schoolchildren across Flintshire have been sent for counselling after using the drug.

Youngsters have been referred by the Flintshire Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team (YPDAT) to education seminars to learn about the mephedrone and its dangers.

For help and advice on drugs, go to www.talktofrank.com.

A 22-year-old was arrested after the raid and released on bail.