A FAMILY have been devastated by the tragic death of their two-year-old son while they were on holiday in America.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office says Thomas Edwards, of Llandegla, near Wrexham, was found floating face down in a swimming pool by his father Martin at a property in Davenport, Florida.

Desperate attempts were made to try to revive him and Thomas was rushed to hospital by the emergency services but the little boy was declared dead about an hour after arriving at the hospital.

Sheriff’s Office staff say they are investigating and have issued a statement outlining details of the tragedy.

“Members of the Edwards family were playing in and around the pool at the property in Davenport.

“The father, Martin Edwards, and his three sons were all in the pool area just before noon when Martin took his two-year-old son Thomas inside to change his diaper, and then returned him outside to his two older brothers, ages 14 and seven.

“Eventually, the 14-year-old returned inside the house.

“Later, he noticed Thomas was nowhere in sight, but he assumed Thomas was with the seven-year-old, because Thomas was most often with him.

“However, the seven-year-old, who was in another area of the house, thought Thomas was with his other brother.

“When the boys’ father began searching for the two-year-old shortly after noon, he found Thomas floating face down in the pool.

“The family got Thomas out and they immediately called for help.

“A man who was at one of the neighbours’ houses came to the Edwards’ home and assisted with CPR.

“When EMS arrived, they continued CPR until arriving at Heart of Florida Hospital.

There, doctors continued to work on Thomas but he was declared deceased approximately one hour after arriving at the hospital.”

A statement from Thomas’ parents Martin and Wendy released to the Leader through family friend Janet Duley confirmed the death of their youngest son on Friday afternoon in an accident.