A FOOTBALL player has thanked his manager for saving his life after a horrific pitch incident.

FC Cefn player Jamie Foulkes, 20, was knocked unconscious when he clashed heads with another player in a match between Castell Alun Colts and FC Cefn at Castell Alun School in Hope.

Jamie’s tongue went to the back of his throat and he started fitting and turned blue.

His assistant manager Paul Vaughan, stepped into pull his tongue back out of his throat and Jamie started breathing again.

Jamie, of Coronation Street, Cefn Mawr, told the Leader: “Paul saved my life by grabbing my tongue.

“There was another lad, Kevin, who tried to grab my tongue and then Paul came across and got my tongue and I was biting his finger.

"I can remember going into a fit and the left side of my body was numb. I felt as if I was sinking.

"I can remember Paul screaming into my ear and I came round and there was a paramedic there.

"The whole thing was scary, I was told I was fitting for about seven minutes. I am really thankful to Paul.”

Jamie was rushed to Wrexham Maelor Hospital where he was checked over before being given the all clear and sent home.

He is now recovering well despite suffering from headaches and hopes to return to the game a week on Saturday.

Paul, assistant manager and physio for the team, said it was his “natural reaction” to help Jamie and he would have done it for any team member.

“It’s just one of those things you react to,” he said.

“He was turning blue and had stopped breathing so I pulled his tongue out.”

A passer-by, thought to be a nurse, also helped Paul by sitting with the pair and giving advice.

Castell Alun Colts secretary Bryan Davies said: “It was a clash of heads. They both went for the ball at the same time, but it was a complete accident.

“It was very bad at the time, he swallowed his tongue and had actually stopped breathing.”

Mr Davies said Johnny Williams, the Castell Alun Colts player involved in the incident, suffered a “bad head” following the clash but did not require medical treatment.

Saturday’s game, which Castell Alun Colts were winning 1-0, was abandoned after 68 minutes. A date for the rematch has not yet been set.

Commenting on the club’s official Facebook page an FC Cefn spokesman said: “On behalf of FC Cefn we are all glad Mr Foulkes is out of the hospital and is on the mend.

“A big thank you goes out to Castell Alun FC. Thanks for the support and the help during the injury to one of our players.

“Thank you also to the North Wales Ambulance staff for their quick response.”