A DISTRICT judge has jailed a “racist bully who is happy to use violence”.

Leon Christopher Pritchard, 24, and an unknown man kicked park warden David Moulton in the head and shoulders as he lay on the ground in Bellevue Park on December 8, Wrexham Magistrates Court heard.

In a separate incident Pritchard, of Weale Court, Hightown, went into the Rainbow Express Chinese restaurant in Wrexham bus station and racially abused worker Kwok Kin Lee.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said Pritchard was refused service by the staff on October 1 and began mocking their accents and swearing at them.

Mr Espie detailed the assault against warden Mr Moulton who was working at 7.40pm and was about to lock up the park.

“He saw two people and recognised one of them as Pritchard,” he said.

“The victim asked them to leave and asked from which exit they wanted to leave. They pointed to the St Mary’s School side.”

Mr Espie said Pritchard then accused Mr Moulton of picking on him. “The other male started jumping around clenching his fists,” said Mr Espie.

“Pritchard went to the left side of the victim and the unknown male punched Mr Moulton who fell and then felt kicks to the back of his head for around two minutes.

“Pritchard said ‘come on, let’s scarper’ and they jumped over the gates and the victim contacted CCTV operators who called the police.”

The court was shown images of the injuries sustained to Mr Moulton’s face.

Mark Davies, defending, said Pritchard was “not the prime mover” during the assault.

Pritchard admitted charges of assault by beating and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

He also admitted two bail offences of failing to surrender to custody before Wrexham Magistrates’ Court on February 5 and February 17.

Sentencing him to a total of six months in custody, District Judge Gwyn Jones said: “These are extremely unpleasant matters. The takeaway refuses you service and you become racially abusive to the owners.

“You were advised to leave the park when it was closing and you got involved in assaulting the park keeper.

“It shows you are a racist bully who is happy to use violence.”