A WOMAN from Wrexham who became a mother of nine after giving birth to triplet girls has no plans to have any more children.

“But I’m someone who believes in fate. Whatever happens, happens. I’m that kind of way,” said Lorraine Roberts, 39, who gave birth to Eva, Ruby and Grace on February 23 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

“I’ve got to put my age into consideration and obviously age is a big risk factor.”

Lorraine was allowed home two days after the births but the non-identical babies had to remain in hospital until March 10.

They were born by caesarean section at 34 weeks and then looked after at the Maelor’s special care baby unit.

Ruby was born first at 4lb 10.5oz, then came Grace at 4lb 7oz and last but not least was Eva at 4lb 10oz.

Speaking about the challenge of raising such a large family, Lorraine said: “I know what to expect but I’m sure it will get harder than it is now.

“The worst time was during pregnancy, because it was so uncomfortable.

“We have had lots of visitors and people have been lovely and kind. People haven’t seen triplets before and everyone is interested.”

Lorraine and partner Paul McNee will both have their hands full as the triplets will join five other siblings – Jessica, 16, Michael, 11, Lewis, seven, Matthew, six, and Mea, four, at the family home on Chester Road, Acton.

Oldest child Dean, 18, is away at university.

Speaking about the new arrivals Paul said: “They have done well to be home so quickly. They are all fine - lovely and quiet so far.”

Paul, a driver for Barnardo’s, has now returned to his job and he has worked out how the triplets will be accommodated in the family home.

Having already had a loft conversion to increase room, the 53-year-old says the family are considering building a new conservatory to increase space in the property.

“It’s quite a deceptively large house - it’s a bit like the Tardis,” he said.

Speaking about the size of the family he said: “Lorraine planned on having a few kids but probably not nine!”

And, echoing his wife’s sentiments, he added: “But what happens happens.

“You kind of get used to it because there are already six. And they have got their friends, so you get accustomed to having lots of kids around the house.”

Paul added both he and Lorraine grew up as part of big families and that had helped prepare them for the challenge of looking after such a large brood.

As for transporting everybody around, the family sold their people carrier before the triplets were born.

Now, having considered buying another one, Paul says he realises there would probably not be enough space in it anyway.

 “If we got another one it would only have seven seats, so we would still be short.

If we want to go somewhere we would probably get a minibus as it would be the cheapest option.”