AN AIRBUS worker was one of the victims of a horrific crash on a viaduct.

Broughton Airbus employee Stuart Davies, 45 and believed to be from Mold, died in the three-vehicle crash on the A483 near Chirk on Monday evening.

The driver of a cattle wagon also died at the scene.

Airbus UK confirmed Mr Davies was in their employment when he died, having worked at Broughton for more than 10 years and said: “Our sympathies lie with the family at this sad time.”

A Wrexham man, who asked not to be named, performed first aid on Mr Davies after the crash.

The witness said he wanted Mr Davies’s family to know he was not alone when he died.

The man said he stopped to help when he saw cattle from one of wagons involved in the crash roaming on the road.

“Someone came running up and asked if I knew first aid. The man was unconscious when I got there but I did what I could,” he said.

“He had a strong pulse but that had gone within a couple of minutes. The ambulance crew were there within minutes but there was nothing they could do. I sat in the back of the ambulance to help them.”

The Mercedes E200 estate car driven by Mr Davies suffered extensive damage, according to the witness.

He added: “Most of the damage was on the front near passenger's side but just the impact alone would have been enough to kill him.

“I think it would be nice for his family to know that he wasn’t on his own when he died. It was instant and he wasn’t suffering.”

The road, which was closed for several days, has now been reopened.

Any witnesses to the crash should call police on 0300 333 3000.

If you knew Mr Davies and would like to pay tribute to him, leave a comment below.