AN AREA of land near Wrexham, which is home to hundreds of discarded items of litter, is a massive public health risk according to a community leader.

The site between the chapel and the bridge on Hope Street, Gwersyllt, lies next to the Somerfield supermarket and near a number of other stores.
Cllr Bob Gray has called for action to be taken as he believes the litter could attract vermin such as rats.
“It’s a public health risk when you have got shops like a fish shop, café and supermarkets,” he said.
“You wouldn’t want it on your street. It’s on a main road and it’s the main shopping centre of the parish of Gwersyllt.
“It shouldn’t have been allowed to get into the state it is in.”
Cllr Gray is so disgusted with the site that he took photographs and at a recent community council meeting showed them to fellow members in an effort to drum up support for action to be taken.
He claimed that up to 1,000 empty bottles lay discarded at the site.
County councillor Gwyneth Jones agreed the rubbish was an “awful eyesore”.
Fellow county councillor Ted George said he understood the land was owned by Co-op, which now owns Somerfield.
He said: “It tends to gather because of the undergrowth there.
“I mentioned it two or three weeks ago to our Streetscene operative and he will be reporting it to the company.
“Because it is private land, it takes longer, so that is the situation at the moment.”
Wrexham Council chief environment officer John Bradbury said: “The council will be investigating the area to determine whether it is private or council owned land.
“We encourage anyone who feels there is a problem with fly-tipping in their area to call our ‘Pride in Your Streets’ number on 01978 298989.”
A spokeswoman for Somerfield said: “We are currently looking into who owns the land and once this is clarified, we will then be able to comment further.
“If the land does belong to The Co-operative, which acquired the Somerfield store last year, then we will certainly clear the rubbish to improve the aesthetics of the area.”