A CONCERNED Flintshire community leader is urging householders to take care after a suspected case of identity theft.

Sealand councillor Christine Jones spoke out after bank statements and a diary were taken by thieves from household rubbish in Sealand.

She told the Leader: “Yesterday we found six bin bags that had been ripped open and their contents spread along the river bank.

“They contained bank statements and a personal diary. I could tell you everything about this person just from this information.

“I will be contacting her to tell her what has happened.”

Cllr Jones believes the same group of thieves are targeting other areas of Sealand.

She said: “These people are very clever because they know when the binbags are going out.

“They’re coming and targeting certain streets and ripping them open and everything is strewn in the street.

“It is happening on Welsh Road where I live and I’ve had the council out a couple of times to clear them, but I’m really worried because this is happening in other places apart from Sealand too.

“Please shred your personal information. It will save you a lot of heartache.”