A CALL for a new museum in Mold to house a the historic Gold Cape has prompted mixed views from Leader readers.

On Monday, we reported that Mold East councillor Chris Bithell believed the old courthouse in Mold was perfect to house the town’s Gold Cape should it return home from the British Museum in London.

The 3,400-year-old cape, which dates back to the Bronze Age, was discovered by workmen digging for stone in 1833.

Online reader ‘yachydda’ said: “This cape belongs to the people of the area it was found in.

“But without a secure place to keep it, it would be foolish to even think of it coming home.”

Another reader ‘GBoycott’ said: “In London it will be appreciated the world over but few will come to see it in Flintshire.”

‘Penyffordd_district’ added: “Perhaps this will have to wait while the country is nearly a trillion pounds in debt.”

Cllr Bithell is calling on heritage chiefs to provide the vital funding needed to transform the derelict building into a museum. His idea did gather some support.

Reader ‘karen’ said: “Remember the Stone of Scone. “It belonged to Scotland but was kept in London. They won’t let the Scots have it back.

“Some students stole it and returned it to Scotland. Any volunteers to bring the cape back to Wales?”

The cape dispute began after Plaid Cymru candidate Elfyn Llwyd said in a parliamentary debate that the cape was part of the Welsh “collective memory” and should come home.

The British Museum said they would be happy to loan the cape out but the chances of it coming home permanently are slim.