PARANORMAL investigators reckon a couple of disruptive ghosts turned the tables on them – quite literally – when they carried out an investigation at a house in Llangollen that is reputedly haunted.

A team from Wrexham-based Spirit Quest UK – joined by 23 specially-invited members of the public – spent the night at Plas Newydd, home of the famous Ladies of Llangollen.

Group spokesman Howard Hughes described it as “a frightening night of intense paranormal activity that surprised everyone”.

He also said the visit yielded the best recorded table-tipping sprit communication ever seen.

After the investigation was announced in the Leader, Howard says he had requests from more than 100 people who wanted to join the group which he had to whittle down to a more manageable 23.

Plas Newydd is famous all over the world as the home of Sarah Ponsonby and Lady Eleanor Butler, better known as the Ladies of Llangollen, who lived at the house in the 18th century and turned a humble cottage into a majestic stately home, one of the area’s most fascinating historic buildings, which has a reputation of being one of the most haunted in the area.

Howard said: “During the night people were touched by unseen hands, knocks were heard in response to questions asked, an unnatural icy coldness filled the house, faint voices were captured and amazing light anomalies were captured on camera.

“One of the most amazing things was a series of loud footstep pacing back and to in a locked room above were the group were investigating, even though all members and guests were in the room below and the rest of the house empty.

“We all fell silent and were surprised to hear these footsteps pacing back and forth.

“It was the old servants room which was padlocked and off limits to us so we know that no one was up there.”

Howard added: “Later we tried some table-tipping spirit communication with the two ghostly ladies and nothing would have prepared us for what was to come.

“Sarah made her presence known by gently rocking the table but when Eleanor made contact the table went crazy and actually started to hammer back and forth before literally spinning around at lightening speed on one leg.

“Our guests who had their hands on the table nearly fell over each other as they raced around in circles trying to follow the out of control table.

“Nothing like this has ever been experienced by us before. It was a frightening place to be and two guests left early as they were too afraid to stay a minute longer.”

The group is now looking ahead to April 10 when they will be returning to Tower, the medieval fortress near Mold where on their last visit a group psychic claims she was taken over by the spirit of a witchfinder.

Anyone wishing to book places at Tower or see footage of the Plas Newydd investigation can visit the website or call 07542 573723.