RESIDENTS across Wrexham and Flintshire have backed calls for a controversial drug involved in the deaths of two teenagers to be made illegal.

A Leader investigation revealed that fertiliser-based drug mephedrone is being bought and sold on the region’s streets.

The drug, also known as miaow miaow or M-cat, is currently legal, can be obtained over the internet and is said to be particularly popular among teenagers and young people.

It is feared to have played a part in the deaths of Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, who collapsed and died in Scunthorpe after a night out on Monday.

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami has made urgent calls for the drug to be banned after receiving calls from dozens of worried parents.

He praised the Leader’s coverage of the issue and hopes it will help him in his fight.
He said: “I was delighted that the Leader brought this serious issue to the attention of parents and I am pleased that the government is to take immediate action to crack down on the sale of this drug.

“Hopefully this will bring relief to many Flintshire parents."

Mr Tami’s plea has also attracted support from Leader website readers.

Online user eveningreader said: “M-cat should definitely be made illegal.
“It is actually being used as a substitute for cocaine at £10 per gram. You take M-cat and you are playing Russian Roulette with your life.”

The Government has promised to take ‘robust’ action to deal with the growing problem and police forces across the country are warning people to steer clear of mephedrone.

A North Wales Police spokesman said: “We are asking people not to confuse the word legal with the word safe.

“Just because mephedrone is not yet illegal there are still dangers that may go hand in hand with the use of this substance and we would advise that people avoid using it.”