A BUSINESSWOMAN hit by a series of burglaries has called for tough action from police in Llangollen.

Sally Jayes, who runs Whitewater Active with her husband Jim, spoke out after the most recent break-in on the premises.

The couple also own Eddylines Adventures, which has suffered four burglary attempts in the past year.

Last Thursday night, part of the Whitewater Active premises – a warehouse which stores old rafts – was broken in to by a man who may have fallen in through the roof and got trapped.

Mrs Jayes said CCTV footage showed the man spending 30 minutes unsuccessfully trying to get out of the warehouse.

Eventually he called for help on his mobile phone, friends arrived and ‘smashed’ him out

She added: “Initially the man took a mountain bike, but came back shortly after to return it safe and sound, perhaps because it would not fit in his rather small car.

“He also tidily put away other items he had put aside to steal.”

Mrs Jayes said it was possible the burglar got in by falling through the old asbestos roof.

If this was the case he was extremely lucky not to be seriously injured as it was a 30-foot fall on to metalwork.

She said: “He must have had a huge shock and then found himself trapped with no way out.

"The CCTV showed his increasingly frantic attempts to get away. It would be funny if it wasn’t potentially so serious and lucky for us to get away without losing anything.”

Mrs Jayes said police had installed extra security at Eddylines Adventures but added: “It is sad that crime is so rampant in such a lovely market town.”

Ian Parry, town clerk for Llangollen, said: “I can understand the feelings of one particular business if they have been targeted on a number of occasions, but in general, crime is low in Llangollen.

“I believe further information is available on the police website which also shows figures for other towns in North Wales.”

Mrs Jayes said that due to the possibility of asbestos contamination caused by the break-in, the warehouse site is being assessed – making stored equipment unavailable to the business. She stressed the safety of staff was paramount.

Following Mrs Jayes’ concerns, district inspector Dewi Roberts said police had conducted high-visibility patrols through the area.

He said: “Llangollen has a dedicated neighbourhood policing team based at the town’s police station.

“As part of their work, officers hold regular community meetings where residents attend and speak to the team with any concerns or issues they may have. Crime prevention advice is also made available.”

Police are appealing to anyone with information on the Whitewater break-in to contact Llangollen Police Station on 0845 607 1002.