AN INTREPID couple are embarking on a mountain challenge and want the people of Flintshire to join them.

Daredevils Sarah Hart and Steve Rogers, from Ysceifiog near Holywell, are climbing Mount Everest in May 2011 and are inviting members of the public along on their quest to the summit of the world’s highest mountain.

The couple must raise £250,000 to complete the challenge, of which £100,000 will be donated to UNICEF, and are planning to take with them a flag made up of 50,000 patches incorporating the photographs of all those that have helped sponsor them.

Sarah, 30, who works for the Probation Service, said: “We wanted to come up with a different way of raising the money that could involve the general public and this way they can achieve their own goals and climb their own Everest.”

Sarah and scientist Steve, 26, a former Flint High School pupil, said they are both looking forward to the challenge.

Sarah said: “We have always been really keen hill walkers as we have always lived around the Snowdon area so one day we just decided that we wanted to do something different that would really push ourselves.

“Initially we were just going to go to basecamp, but then we thought why not go all the way.

“We are really excited about it, but now we need to get loads of people involved to raise enough money.”

The couple have been training in Snowdon, but have also got training expeditions planned in Mont Blanc and the Himalayas.

The challenge has been dubbed the Patch Expedition and people can buy a patch on the flag for £5.

If you would like to sponsor the couple visit