SHOPKEEPERS have hit back at claims that Queensferry has become a ‘takeaway town’.

As the Leader reported earlier this month, ward councillor David Wisinger and other community leaders raised fears about Queensferry’s high street becoming Flintshire’s takeaway capital, with ever more shops giving way to fast food outlets.

But many traders and residents say there is much more to their area and are encouraging people to shop there more often.

Gary Owen, proprietor of Queensferry Sports on Station Road, said: “This is my 38th year in Queensferry and the shop has been in my family since it was built in 1906.

“Times are hard, but we are all trying our best and there is much more to Queensferry than just takeaways.

“We have a card shop, post office, four hairdressers’, two accountants, two motor agencies, two flowers shops, a pawnbroker, two banks, two taxi companies, two restaurants, a ladies’ gym, bed centre, dry cleaner’s, craft shop, recruitment agencies, a chemist and many more.

“Charlies Stores has just opened in the old B&Q and a new bridal shop has come to the area.

“There is a lot more here than people think there is.”

He added: “It is difficult for smaller businesses to start up these days because supermarkets take a lot of the trade, but Queensferry does have a lot to offer.

“It’s known as a ‘destination’ shopping area – it’s not like Chester, where you go to spend a day looking round the shops, but it definitely has everything you need.

“There are still some shops up for rent and we would encourage any businesses who would fit into the area to come and join us.”

One Deeside resident, who regularly shops in Queensferry but asked not to be named, said: “I think the comments made about Queensferry by Cllr David Wisinger totally overlooked what it currently has to offer and made the town and residents feel worthless to say the least.

“He certainly didn’t get me thinking I should go and check out what Queensferry has to offer.”

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