TRIPLETS born to a mum-of-six are set to be home in Wrexham by the end of the week.

Lorraine Roberts, 39, gave birth to three little girls on February 23 and is now excited that they should be coming home to Acton soon.

Ruby, Grace and Eva were born premature and have been cared for at the Special Care Baby Unit at the Maelor Hospital.

They have now had their feeding tubes taken out and are doing so well they should be joining the busy family home on Chester Road by the end of this week.

Proud dad Paul McNee said: “Eva has started putting on weight and is more advanced than the others.

“They are all sharing a cot and they are all doing really well.

“Lorraine has found it difficult going back and to to the hospital two or three times a day – she is excited for them to come home.”

And the parents will certainly have their hands full as the triplets will join five other siblings – Jessica, 16, Michael, 11, Lewis, seven, Matthew, six, and Mea, four.

Other sibling Dean, 18, is away at university.

Paul said they had been busy getting the house prepared for the babies, who were born by caesarean section at 34 weeks.

“The babies have always been fine but they were premature and had to be fed by a tube to get them used to feeding,” he said.

“The kids are excited about them coming home.”

Lorraine said it was a surprise when she found out she was pregnant.

“It was an even bigger surprise when I found out I was having triplets,” she added.