A 60-YEAR-OLD woman chased a burglar from her home and out through the isolated village where she lives.

A neighbour then took up the chase and Ioan McKenzie, who was staying at Pentredwr, near Llangollen, with his girlfriend, was later arrested by police.

McKenzie, 32, admitted burglary at Minyffordd, Pentredwr, on February 17 this year and was jailed for 32 months.

Sandra Subacchi, prosecuting, told the court that Eirian Jones was at her home alone at about 4.30pm when she heard the back door open and the shuffling of feet.

When she went to investigate she saw a man walking out of her kitchen holding a shopping bag.

She saw the side of his face and immediately recognised him as a man who regularly walked his dog past her house.

Miss Subacchi said the victim chased him out of the property and down the road.

She saw a neighbour and the man took up the pursuit on her behalf.

She later came across a woman, who turned out to be McKenzie’s girlfriend, going through an outhouse at her property and found the television that had been in her kitchen along with a mobile telephone which had also been stolen.

The woman was continually apologising for her boyfriend’s behaviour.

Everything was recovered but in a victim impact statement Eirian Jones said the whole incident had made her very nervous.

McKenzie was arrested the same evening when he was caught by a man trying to break into his car.

He asked for six other offences of theft from cars or damaging cars to be taken into consideration.