WREXHAM’S Europe Direct is supporting a website that offers job opportunities and advice to people throughout Europe.

The EURES site offers a list of job vacancies, information and advice to people who are thinking of moving and working in any of the European Union’s 27 member states.

More than 20,000 employers have signed up to the site since in was set up last year, with an estimated 818,000 jobs being advertised on it.

EURES also gives people the opportunity for people to upload their CVs, which allows potential employees to search the database for suitable candidates.

EURES has a human network of more than 700 advisers that are in daily contact with jobseeker and employers across Europe.

Europe Direct’s Eleanor Staple said: “Living in the EU means citizens have the right to live, work, study and travel freely in any of the member states.

“Working abroad can not only offer financial benefits, but can help you develop key skills such as learning another language.

“We understand that moving and working in a foreign country can be a daunting experience. The EURES website offers lots of advice and support to those who are thinking of working abroad.”

Visit the EURES website at www.ec.europa.eu/eures or for more information contact Europe Direct on 01978 292090 or e-mail: europedirect@wrexham.gov.uk