POLICE say that they have taken action following a recent spate of dogs targeting livestock in the Cymau area.

Last month the Leader reported that officers were investigating after more than a dozen sheep were savaged by two dogs on farmland.

Now District Inspector Martin Best has said: “The owner of the dogs concerned has been identified, arrested and issued with a conditional police caution by the local community beat manager, PC Darren Jones.

“This investigation and outcome was fully supported by the farmers affected by this incident.”

In January Robert Tilston, who owns the White House smallholding, told the Leader he estimated the incident would cost him about £1,000.

Mr Tilston said he had greatly appreciated offers of help from many people. One small girl from the area had even written to him saying how sad she was to hear that his sheep had been killed.

The incident took place in fields off the main road in Cymau. A neighbour who had been in the nearby nature reserve called at Mr Tilston’s house telling him he had seen dogs chasing sheep and he thought some of them might have been killed.

Mr Tilston rushed out to investigate. He had 12 sheep in the field and the dogs had got nine of them.

Seven died of their injuries with two others being treated with injections for bites to their back and neck.

A number of Mr Tilston’s neighbours suffered similar livestock attacks.