BURGLARS are targeting houses across Wrexham to steal expensive TVs to order.

A senior officer said that in the past six weeks there had been a spate of burglaries at private homes in which large flat-screen sets had been snatched.

He urged members of the public to come forward to turn the spotlight on the raiders.

Inspector Alex Goss, who is in charge of policing central Wrexham, said: “We have seen a spike in burglaries on dwellings in which these sets have been taken.

“They are all the larger, flat-screen models with screen sizes up to 42 inches.

“This is something we are on top of, but we want to trace the whole thing back to its source.

“I strongly suspect the sets are being sold to people who have put in requests for specific models, which means they are being stolen to order.

“We want to know exactly where these TVs are going after they are stolen – and this where I believe the public can help.

“If you are manhandling such large pieces of equipment, especially after dark, you are going to be seen by somebody.

“And if anyone out there has seen such a thing happening we want to hear from them.”

He added: “Even if people have not actually seen these sets being stolen they might have been offered one cheap.

“They might even have overheard someone in the pub talking about stealing one because thieves love to boast, particularly when they have had a few drinks.

“We would be delighted to have any scrap of information that would help us build up a picture to catch these people.

“Members of the public who think they can help us can contact our burglary squad direct and speak to a detective, in complete confidence.

“If there is no-one available I guarantee that someone will call them back as soon as possible.”

The number to call with information is 01978 348283.