A MAN pulled out a chunk of his fiancee's hair during an argument, a court heard.

During the fight Matthew Terence John Wilcox, 24, “flung” Hannah Ellen Gauterin on the bed and threw whisky glasses in front of her, Wrexham magistrates court heard.

James Coutts, prosecuting, said Miss Gauterin was “terrified” as her fiance pushed her over and then stood over her and kicked her head.

Wilcox, of Bryn Hafod, Wrexham admitted a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on December 6.

Describing the run up to the events, Mr Coutts said the pair had been to the Asda Christmas party in Wrexham and had returned home drunk.

He said that when Wilcox fell asleep on the sofa, Miss Gauterin looked at her fiancé’s mobile phone and found “a suspicious text.”

“She took this to be from a female and came to the conclusion the defendant was having an affair,” said Mr Coutts.

“She woke him up and confronted him.”

Mr Coutts said Miss Gauterin took his mobile phone into the bathroom and Wilcox forced the door open, demanding his phone back.

“He pulled her from the bathroom by the left arm and flung her on the bed,” said Mr Coutts.

“He grabbed her by the hair and a chunk of hair detached.

“He threw a number of whisky glasses at her and they fell in front of her, and pushed her over, stood over her and kicked her to the head.”

Miss Gauterin required hospital treatment for cuts to the left bridge of her nose, the right side of her jaw was swollen and she had chipped her front teeth.

Euros Jones, defending, said: “He was highly intoxicated and says he is disgusted with himself and devastated he could do such an act.

“He has not drunk since and has moved back in with his parents.

“There will be a reconciliation on the grounds he will sort out the alcohol problem and his anger management.”

Magistrates sentenced Wilcox to six months in prison suspended for two years.

He was also made the subject of a supervision requirement and told to attend the integrated domestic abuse programme, as well as paying court costs of £85.