TWO giant ferrets have become star attractions at a Flintshire animal rescue centre.

Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue Centre in Holywell has recently taken in the two creatures after they were found wandering the streets In Greenfield.

Rescue centre owner Elfyn Pierce-Jones, 59, owns 10 ferrets, but said he had never seen such big ones.

He told the Leader: “They are absolutely humongous. I have had ferrets since I was kid, but I have never seen one as big as these, they are just huge. I have got cats that are smaller.

“People use ferrets for hunting rabbits, but if you sent one of these down a burrow it would never get out.”

Mr Pierce-Jones was called out on Monday night to rescue one of the animals after it was found in a garden in the Greenfield Valley area.

The second was rescued on Tuesday morning after being spotted wandering along the A548 coast road.

Mr Pierce-Jones suspects the two albino ferrets, who both have cream fur and pink eyes, may be brothers from the same litter.

He added: “I wouldn’t like to say whether they have been dumped or not. They have not been ill treated. Their coats are clean and they look well looked after.”

If the owners do not come forward the ferrets will be put up for rehoming.