A BRAVE Wrexham youngster who suffered a stroke days before her second birthday is set for vital surgery to help her lead a normal life.

Last year Daisy Pritchard and her family were left devastated when a crucial operation at London's Great Ormond Street hospital was cancelled.

Now the battling Penycae three-year-old's family have been told the surgery is finally back on track.

After the original cancellation last summer, brought about by a lack of information on Daisy’s potential reaction to surgery, housewife mum Eileen and the rest of the family were left in limbo.

However, Great Ormond Street hospital representatives have now called the Pritchards and arranged for Daisy, who has a hole in the heart, to attend there in the middle of February to undergo pre-operation tests.

Eileen, 40, said: “It all came as a bit of shock really. This has been on our thoughts for so long since last summer, but over Christmas we tried to put it to one side.

“Then out of the blue the phone rang and it was the booking clerk from Great Ormond Street. That brought everything right back into focus straight away.”

If the tests are a success Eileen believes Daisy’s surgery could take place in the next two months.

Eileen said: “At the moment Daisy is not getting enough oxygen in the blood and as she gets older that could lead to lung damage. We hope with the operation she will have more energy. She is pretty good at the moment but she does get tired.

“We hope this will make a difference with her energy levels.”

In July 2008 Daisy suffered a stroke shortly after surgery on her heart at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool. She spent five days on a life support machine.

Eileen said: “We are determined to try to make going to London and Great Ormond Street as nice as we possibly can for Daisy. We don’t want her to think of this as a traumatic experience,” said Eileen

And it seems that all the family’s hard work is paying off because Daisy has taken a real shine to the medical profession.

"When asked what she would like to be when she grows up Daisy has no hesitation in saying “a doctor”.