DOZENS of disappointed X Factor fans say they feel let down after a performance in Flintshire by one of the show’s stars.

But the owners of the Flintshire venue where Olly Murs appeared have hit back, saying customers should have got there earlier.

Fans who paid £15 a ticket for X Factor 2009 runner-up Olly’s exclusive gig at The Tivoli in Buckley were promised the singer’s first booking since the show ended, but some claim they were left out in the cold by the club management.

Buckley resident Robyn Antrobus, 18, who was at the gig, said: “It was absolutely packed in the club.

“It was so hot that one of my friends almost passed out.

“She went outside to get some fresh air and then the doormen wouldn’t let her back in.”

Clubgoer Scott Gallagher told the Leader: “What an absolute waste of time and money.

“The Tivoli was so packed that no-one could move. The doors opened at 6pm and Olly came on at 8.30pm, only to sing four songs with a terrible sound system, then left the stage at 8.50pm.”

The club’s website page on social networking site Facebook has been bombarded with complaints from angry fans.

One person said: “Me and my friends bought VIP tickets but didn’t even get on the same floor as Olly.

“It was a joke and I am very disappointed.”

Another said: “I’ve been going to The Tiv for 15 years and seen plenty of bands there and never ever seen such a shambles as you had last night.

“What were you thinking having under-18s in there with the adults? The poor kids were terrified and couldn’t see a thing.

“You seriously need to rethink the way you do things.”

A spokesman for the club responded on the Facebook page by saying: “It was very busy, but as you know, the police were on the front door and we were under the limit of customers allowed into the Tiv.

“In standing concerts, people do tend to want to try and get close to the act. Sorry for those at the back.

“When the club eventually gets a ‘refurb’, we are trying to alter the shape a touch so that everyone inside has a perfect view of the stage.”

Club promotions manager Franklin Slater told the Leader: “If you want to get the best possible view at a concert, you have to get there early.

“People turned up at 8pm when Olly was on stage at 8.30pm. People who paid extra for a VIP ticket had their own bar which was upstairs.

“They could meet and greet Olly at their own will. It was a fantastic turnout and Olly really enjoyed himself.”