Zoe O'Neill from Llangollen's Whole Food Co-op on Oak Street treats readers to one her healthy recipes.


Natural whole porridge oats are a great source of natural fibre, they are a slow energy burner so they will keep you going all morning, they are a great alternative to wheat and they contain B vitamins which help to make us feel more energised and relaxed and happy!   Plus they are really cheap! – yip pee!


Whole porridge oats – 1 cup per person - approximately

Water - 2 cups per cup of oats

Oat/Rice milk (dairy milk if not choosing to give up dairy) – 1 - ½ cup


Fresh or powdered ginger - ½ tsp – aids digestion.

Cinnamon powder – ½ tsp – which helps to balance blood sugar.


Dried fruits

Nuts and seeds

Honey, maple syrup   }   These act as natural sugars



Flax seeds – for constipation } very rich in Essential Oils


For every cup of porridge oats add 2 cups of water to the saucepan.

Let the porridge soak overnight, OR use boiled water in the morning.

Which ever of the following ingredients you prefer then use them.  There is no right or wrong you can please your own taste.

You can add the cinnamon and ginger when it is soaking or when you come to cook it.  If you are using dry powder then just sprinkle it in, if you are using the raw fresh ginger then peel a small chunk and then chop fine or grate and add to the mix.

You add the soya milk once you have warmed it through, you might need to add some more water also.


Cook for approximately 5 -10  mins, less if already soaked in water, or if you have used boiled water to make it.

Once you have served it into a bowl, you can add the toppings.  Chop up the dried fruit into smaller pieces and the nuts and sprinkle them on the top. 

Sweeten the porridge with chopped up banana, grated apple or pear.  Or you can even cook the apples, pears, rhubarb etc like you would for a crumble and add it to the porridge in the morning.

If you don’t want to use the fruit you can use honey or maple syrup, both of which are much better options than, sugar.

Last of all if you suffer from constipation, you can sprinkle a tbsp of flaxseeds on to the porridge and they will help to improve symptoms.  They are good for everyone.

There are endless ways to serve your porridge to make it more delicious.

Porridge makes a great breakfast or supper, so when you fancy a quick meal, reach for your oats….

They will make you feel great!

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