POLICE who turned up at a block of Wrexham apartments smelled cannabis coming from a flat.

Occupier Anthony Wayne Hughes agreed to let officers in to investigate and they found amphetamine worth about £40 and cannabis valued at £25.

Hughes, 25, of North Road, Ponciau, admitted possession of the class B drugs when he appeared before magistrates in Wrexham yesterday.

Stephen Edwards, defending, said: “This young man is 25 and this is his first ever court appearance.

“It is quite clear the police attendance was entirely unrelated to my client.

“When they got to the block of flats they smelt a strong odour coming from a different flat. He could have refused them entry because he wasn’t under any suspicion of any offence.

“There was no suggestion this was to be shared or sold commercially.

“He bought the amphetamine as a stimulant for New Year’s Eve.

“He uses cannabis for pain relief because he has an aggressive form of arthritis, even though he is only 25.”

Magistrates fined Hughes £50 for each offence as well as costs and victim surcharge totalling £100.

They also made a confiscation order for equipment used to grind the drugs and a destruction order on the drugs themselves.