THE seventh strongest man in Great Britain will be sentenced for assaulting a girlfriend when he appears before magistrates next month.

Richard James Smith, 21, appeared in court in Wrexham yesterday and admitted assaulting former girlfriend Kylie Jones on August 16, committing criminal damage to her mobile phone and obstructing a police officer.

He pleaded not guilty to another allegation of assault against Miss Jones on August 6 last year. As she and two other witnesses had failed to attend court for a second time the prosecution offered no evidence on that allegation.

The court was told Smith and Miss Jones had been in a tempestuous relationship for a number of months.

On August 6 Smith went to talk to Miss Jones at an address in Albert Avenue, Flint. He alleged she had been seeing someone else.

Alun Humphreys, prosecuting, said in an attempt to clear herself from suspicion Miss Jones handed over her mobile phone. On examining it Smith found material which made him angry and in temper he broke it.

As a result of that incident the police became involved and Smith was bailed with a stipulation that he should have no contact with Miss Jones.

However on August 16 he breached that condition by driving her initially to docks near Greenfield and then Greenfield Heritage Park where they had an argument seen by witnesses.

On December 17 Smith breached another condition of his bail by driving in the Flint area at a time when he was banned from the county.

After being stopped by police he ran away – meaning an obstruction offence had been committed – for about 100 yards but then stopped.

Mark Davies, defending, said Smith’s meeting with Miss Jones on August 16 was initiated when she contacted him through the Facebook internet site.

Mr Davies claimed his client had been set up by Miss Jones on that occasion.

He said injuries suffered by Miss Jones in the incident at Greenfield were minor and Smith did not accept he caused all of them.

Some were as a result of Miss Jones throwing herself out of the car in an intoxicated state. Smith had attempted to put her back into the vehicle so he could drive her home.

Mr Davies said when Smith was stopped by the police in December he was driving in Flintshire only as a favour to his brother, a passenger in the car.

“He ran about 100 yards, realised it was silly and stopped. If he wanted to resist arrest it would have taken more than one police officer to stop him.

Mr Davies had earlier outlined his client’s athletic prowess including being about 6ft 5in tall and weighing more than 25 stone.

Mr Davies said Smith had a new girlfriend and they appeared to be in a good relationship, having been together for some months.

The case was adjourned for sentencing until February 11 at the magistrates court in Mold.

As part of his bail conditions Smith is allowed to live at his parents’ house in Kings Avenue, Flint.

He was previously in a bail hostel in Bangor. Smith must not have any contact with Miss Jones.