TWO off-duty Wrexham firemen who saved a teenager following a sledging accident have spoken about the ordeal.

Wrexham firefighters Andy Williams and colleague Tim Williams happened to be sledging at the Old Colliery site in Gresford on January 6.

Andy, who was with his wife Bev and son Luke, 10, described seeing two teenagers flying down the 100ft slope and then going 5ft in the air as they hit a concrete block at the bottom.

The teenager at the back of the sledge sustained a fractured back and is understood to be in Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Andy and Tim, who was with his daughters Bethan and Amy, had to pull the teenager across fields on his sledge to get him to the ambulance.

Andy, of Garden Village, said: “The two lads were on a sheet of aluminium and from the top were travelling really dast. It must have been about 20mph or 30mph.

“They came off and then the lad was curled up in a ball on the floor.” After five or 10 minutes they went over to see how the teenager was.

Realising it was serious they called the ambulance who were only able to get near Blue Bell Lane in Pandy.

Andy said: “It was getting dark and it was quite a way from the road. His pain seemed to be getting worse but we managed to pull him as carefully as we could on the roadsign.”

Andy added: “It was very difficult to pull him through the snow and there were narrow openings to get through gates.”

The teenager was transported safely to the ambulance and went straight to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Their efforts were praised by ambulance managers who said they showed “great ingenuity”.

Wrexham ambulance technician Jenny Allen met up with the firefighters to help them pull the teenager to safety.