A YOUNG Wrexham mother still mourning the loss of her baby said she has been “sickened” by a social networking website group containing jokes about dead babies.

Kerry Lucy, from Wrexham, said of the group, called Dead Baby Jokes!!!!: “My baby, Alfie, died two years ago after living just 21 weeks.

“He was born without kidneys or renal arteries.

“I am still devastated by this, so I was appalled to find a Facebook group which is just full of jokes about dead babies.

“I have reported this a number of times and asked for it to be removed, but it is still there.

“I find it absolutely disgusting and very disturbing that people can consider this kind of thing to be funny.

“Losing a baby is the worst thing that can happen to a mother.”

Kerry, 25, who has two other young children, added: “Comments about the content of the group have been posted by other people objecting to it and I have also posted my own comments.

“But all you get back is a string of abuse from people who say that nobody has to look at it and that they are only practising free speech.

“I just want it to be removed.”

Most of the “jokes” in the group, which has more than 2,300 members, are too vile to reproduce.

But one example is: “What’s the difference between a trampoline and a dead baby?

“You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.”

The Leader was unable to obtain a response from Facebook in time for our deadline.