A WOMAN who claims she was raped in Chester city centre while on a night out told a court she was sure the attack had taken place.

The 30-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was cross-examined by defence barrister Debra Gould at Chester Crown Court, where Buckley man Mark Caunce denies rape, assault and causing grievous bodily harm.

The prosecution claim Caunce subjected the woman, who had been to the city’s Cruise nightclub earlier that night, to a brutal 45-minute ordeal before calmly getting a taxi home
Miss Gould said the victim had been seen kissing three men on the night of the alleged incident, which took place in the early hours of Sunday, July 26 in the Foregate Street area.

Under cross-examination the woman said they were all men she knew. She added she did not have a boyfriend at the time of the incident but was in a casual relationship with a man who is now her boyfriend.

Miss Gould also questioned an earlier assertion by Crown Prosecution Service barrister David Potter that the victim was too drunk to be able to have consensual sex with chef Caunce, 21, of Victoria Road, Buckley.

She suggested the victim could have removed herself from the situation if she did not feel right because she had shown the capability to make some degree of choice.

Miss Gould said the woman was able to find her way to Abbey Taxis to get a taxi home after having been on a night out with friends at Cruise Nightclub.

There were also several statements in which the woman had at first said she had not been raped.

The victim said if she did say that it was probably because she was ashamed or embarrassed.

Miss Gould then suggested the woman came up with a different account of rape because she did not want to accept her behaviour was out of character.

In response the woman said: “If I thought he hadn’t raped me I wouldn’t be here.”